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Have you ever wondered why being organized seems so difficult? It doesn't have to be. Learn how to organize your things, time, electronics, and projects so that you leave time for the things you love to do! Whether it is daily planning or weekly planning, TimerOrganizer has easy ways to help you get the most out of your time. Project management is key whether business or personal. With my easy to follow guidelines you will be on top of all of your projects and know what is going on and be able to make changes when needed. When it comes to setting goals-forget about the SMART method for setting goals! I will show you on page 42 why the SMART method for making goals is not always best and how it is important to have goals for which you have control over and others for which you do not have complete control over their success (are you intrigued?)

Take a few moments and go to the Weekly Assessment and see how you spend your time. Is it how you thought? Are there pockets of time you could use more efficiently? Maybe there are things you do every day you haven't even thought about how long they take? Did you know it takes less time to do something you want to do than something you don't want to do? Well not in reality, but in your mind! Your mind will keep you from doing something because it thinks it will take too long.

Try it! Take two things; one that you like to do and one that you don't and time them. I tried this myself. I thought it took about 15 minutes to post a professional Facebook posting for my first book (TimerDiet) and the same amount of time to clean the kitchen floors. Boy was I wrong! My Facebook posting for my book took 45 minutes and cleaning the kitchen floor took only five minutes! Go to page 51 of TimerOrganizer and see how I used to spend 45 minutes on the perfect Facebook posting!

From the author of TimerDiet and now TimerOrganizer, Sherri Sue Fisher