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Detailed Table of Contents


PART I—The Who, What, and Why!?

Chapter 1—Do I Really Need to Be Organized? 1

Chapter 2—If Being Organized is So Good for Me—Why is it So Hard? 7
I Want Everything Organized!
Why is Getting Organized So Hard?
So Am I Lazy?
Isn’t Having a Clean House the Same as Being Organized?
Doesn’t Everyone Want to be Organized?
What is the End Goal of Being Organized?

Chapter 3 —Before You Start Organizing 19
What is Important to You?
Why is it Important to You? And, is it Still?
Different Phases in Life
What Would Your Perfect Day be Right Now?
What is Reality?
Unintended Consequences
Write Down Your Goals
Personal Goals
Having It All
Hold Off Just a Little Longer
Weekly Assessment Worksheet

Chapter 4—Go Ahead and Get Started—Let’s Organize 
(Not Really!) 37  
It Seemed Like the Right Thing at the Time
It Can’t Be Done?!
To Do Lists vs. I Did it Lists!
Paper vs. Plastic
In the Morning and Before Bed
Train Yourself to Deal with Interruptions Well
Be Able to Switch Gears Often and Without Hesitation
Use Pockets of Time to Your Advantage
You Do Not Feel You Deserve To Take a Break or Have Fun
Doing Things You Want to Do Takes Less Time—Than Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do
Take Small Steps Some Days and Leaps on Others

Chapter 5—When it ALL Goes Backwards! 53
Was it Really That Important?
Perhaps it Was Important and Now it is Not
Intentional Chaos
I Can’t Remember
But It’s Free
Giving Up

Part II—The Specifics of Where,

When, and How!

Chapter 6 Organizing Belongings  81
Decide on Your Idea of Perfection
The Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Closets
Bathroom Towels and Linen Closets
Collections that Have Run Their Course
The Kitchen
Going Through the Pantry
Refrigerator and Freezer
Refrigerator and Freezer Maintenance
The Kids and Puppies (and Cats, too?)
Children’s Rooms, Play Areas, and Pet Toys
Toy Boxes
To Go Bags for Kids
Pet Toys
Other Various Home Organization Needs
Holiday Organization
Moving and Storage
Avoid the Garage Sales—Unless You Can Handle…
Legal Documents (Personal)
Personal Documents Which Have
Past the Statute of Limitations
Replace it or Forget About it?
Organizing Belongings in Summary

Chapter 7—Organizing Time (The Heart of the Matter) 115
Organizing Time in Summary

Chapter 8 —Daily Timesheets
(Don’t Worry You Won’t Need to do These Everyday) 141
Narrative of the Daily Timesheet
Daily Timesheet

Part III—Specialty Areas

Chapter 9—Organizing Electronics  157 
f You Are Creating a Whole New File Structure
Organizing E-mails
Statute of Limitations for Electronic Documents
Software Programs and Hardware
Security Questions
Networking and Wi-Fi
Organizing Electronics in Summary

Chapter 10—Organizing Offices 191
Home Office
Breaking Your Files into Quadrants
Cubicles and Shared Office Space
Home but Not an Office
Scanners, Shredders, and Facsimiles
Important Legal Documents
Both Home and Office Ideas
Labels for Year End
Year End Cleaning
Labeling Your Files for Storage
Filing Your Information
What to Keep on Your Desk
Scanning Documents
Organizing Large Stacks of Papers
At the End of Each Day
Take a Video
Organizing Offices in Summary

Chapter 11—Organizing Projects  213
Projects In General
What Makes a Good Plan?
Realistic Time Expectations
Time Commitments When Others Report to You
Time Commitments When Others Do NOT Report to You
Putting your plan into place when it’s just you
 (or you are part of the bigger project)
What About When YOU Get Off Track?
Breaks and Mini-breaks
Stress During a Project
Celebrate Your Accomplishments
Events You May Not Think of as Projects
Dinner Parties
Holiday and Ch
ristmas Shopping   
Organizing Projects in Summary

Chapter 12—Organizing Travel 235
Creating an Itinerary
Airline Travel
Cruise Line Travel
Driving Travel
Cosmetics and Toiletries
Where to Eat Breakfast? 
Trash and Receipts
Organizing Travel in Summary

In Conclusion—Now That You are Organized 249