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Released on June 27, 2014

The Chapter Titles:


PART I The Who, What, and Why!?

Chapter 1 Do I Really Need to Be Organized?

Chapter 2 If Being Organized is So

   Good For Me- Why is it So Hard?

Chapter 3 Before You Start Organizing

Chapter 4 Go Ahead and Get Started-

   Let's Organize (Not Really!)

Chapter 5 When it ALL Goes Backwards!


PART II The Specifics of Where, When, and How!?

Chapter 6 Organizing Belongings

Chapter 7 Organizing Time

Chapter 8 Daily Timesheets 
     (Don't Worry You Won't Need

          to do These Everyday)


PART III Specialty Areas 

Chapter  9 Organizing Electronics

Chapter 10 Organizing Offices

Chapter 11 Organizing Projects

Chapter 12 Organizing Travel

In Conclusion:

        Now that you are organized